antoine, 21, france
c, asm, system
openbsd & osx, helix

mails: mail.fleur.is

xmpp: ecrire@jabber.systemausfall.org
github: withs
twitter: ecrire
steam: toa
mail: contact@fleur.is
*as of 9 dec 2023 @fleur.is mail service is back. Please use it as the prefered way to contact me

xmr: 87TjFt7DZqsFoeGYgTTAkRah3sBMkzpyLafK9iQCbSKXC7krKx31ZUCJvEbBsqht8ieUHzn5iqMsF4L9dcmaJojSHMoSyTj
gpg: 3CEA ABD3 BA35 5778 5214  4233 7391 ED9F 9AC3 26CB
omemo: FCC2027E BE364BD2 3C3D3928 82DC69CE 75809A30 577933B8 23CA196C 885E3F40 (monal.1647654285)
       AC054FBB 94AF565A 99B0B648 825A698B CF783759 8C48A3F7 40472D70 1B086048 (monal.1831090382)

httpd on openbsd